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Torres Wine – Available Now at JARBARLAR

A Legacy Built Through the Efforts of Five Generations

Established in 1870, Torres has come a long way – originally a small family winery overlooking the Vilafranca del Penedes railway station in Catalonia, it is now a world-renowned Spanish wine brand that has accumulated several accolades over the years including the Best European Winery of the Year in 2006 and the Green Company of the Year in 2010. It has also been declared the World’s Most Admired Wine Brand in 2021.

Today, the Torres winemaking empire is managed by the 5th generation of the Torres family and spans 3,200 acres of vines spread over Spain, California and Chile. Apart from chasing excellence, Torres has also embarked on a quest to minimise environmental footprint and adopt a sustainable approach in winemaking.

More Than Just Winemaking

At Torres, the love for the land, climate and environment is at the heart of winemaking. Firm on the belief that “the more we care for the earth, the better our wine”, Torres is deeply committed to nature conservation and environmental protection. Through the Torres & Earth programme launched in 2008, Torres has taken on a sustainable approach in winemaking by adapting the activity of their winery and vineyards to climate change, successfully reducing their carbon emissions by 30% since. Some of the sustainable measures that Torres has adopted include reducing the weight of their wine bottles by an average of 22% to lower carbon emissions in manufacturing and transport, using 100% renewable self-generated energy sources to power operations and funding research on technologies to reuse carbon dioxide from wine fermentation.

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