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What’s So Special About Teeling Irish Whiskey?

Unlike other whiskies (whether of the Irish, Scottish, or Japanese variety), Teeling Whiskey prides itself on its innovative approach to this traditional tipple. Teeling blends traditional and unconventional methods throughout their entire process to bring you a smooth, light taste you can’t get anywhere else.

Teeling sets itself apart from other Irish whiskies with a unique cask maturation process. Casks of blended grain and malt whiskey are carefully selected for quality before being fully aged in ex-bourbon barrels. This is where the undertones of vanilla and oak are imbued into every drop for a sweet and creamy flavour. In the final stage of the process, the whiskey is transferred into Central American rum casks to give it a unique fruity aroma and taste.

By the time Teeling arrives in that glass in your hand, you’ll find yourself sipping on a smooth, light drink that’s perfect for any occasion. (For those looking for a sweeter touch, this refreshing mouthfeel is what makes Teeling Irish whiskey perfect for adding into cocktails and Irish coffee!)

What’s waiting for me in a glass of Teeling whiskey?

Due to the unique cask maturation process of Teeling whiskey, there is a distinct rum flavour in every drop. Sweet and woody notes play with hints of exotic fruits and spices to create a refreshing sensation that brings out the whiskey’s natural flavours.

If you’re looking for a special bottle to add to your collection, Teeling’s limited edition Brabazon range (Series 1-3 now available in our online store) marries Teeling’s Irish techniques with the high-quality Pedro Ximenéz casks of the Brabazon family winery in Spain. The Brabazon Series whiskies are infused with a variety of exotic fruits you don’t often see in whiskey, from spiced caramelised apples to dates, figs, and even a hint of Christmas cake.

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