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Buy Liquor Online in Singapore

Need some good liquor to tide you through a tough week? Well look no further than JARBARLAR! As Singapore’s  leading liquor distributor and the best online liquor store in town, we are more than happy to provide our fellow hard liquor-lovers at cheap and quality alcohol for any event, gathering or simply for a couple glasses to unwind at the comfort of your own home.

When it comes to shopping for liquor online, one of the most important things to look out for would be delivery fees, delivery timings and the selection of alcohol.

Here at JARBARLAR, we provide free next-day delivery within homes in Singapore with a minimum spend of $50 as long as you place your orders before 4 pm the day before.

Our Selection of Alcohols


Our extensive catalogue of liquors and spirits includes Singaporean favourites such as Japanese whisky (Nikki, Hibiki, Yamazaki) Scotland whisky (Chivas, Ballantine), vodka (Absolut, Belvedere, Smirnoff), rum (Malibu, Captain Morgan, Smirnoff) and more. Be it on the rocks or neat, our list of quality whiskies will complete a quiet night in your study.

Beers and Ciders

Other than liquor, we also carry many popular beer brands in Singapore which includes Tiger Beer, Hoegaarden, Baron and more. If you prefer a zesty drink with a lower alcohol content, simply go for a Somersby Apple or Pear Cider instead.

Why Order From JARBARLAR?

Instead of making multiple trips to get your liquor and beer supply from the supermarket, why not opt to buy them online from JARBARLAR. Say goodbye to sore arms after lugging cartons of beer from the convenience stores with door-step delivery available within Singapore!

Not convinced yet? Check out our full catalogue to view our selection of liquors on sale at wholesale prices.