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Asahi beers are the most popular beer beverages in Japan, consistently coming in top for its quality, flavour, and price. First debuted in 1987 as Japan’s first dry beer, the Asahi line of ice-cold beverages are a crowd favourite. With its invigorating barley flavour and dry aftertaste, they are incredibly versatile for parties, get-togethers, and even for solo unwinding sessions on the balcony.

Different Types of Asahi Beer Beverages

We’re all familiar with the crisp, refreshing flavour of an Asahi beer on a hot, summer day. Featuring some of the best beers worldwide, the Asahi brand is no stranger to producing an all-encompassing beverage type that will turn heads. With several options available under the brand, finding a beer that meets your expectations and fulfills your desires will not be as difficult as you may think!

Asahi Black Beer

Produced using the same yeast strain as the Asahi Super Dry, the Black Beer inherits the characteristics of ‘dryness’ while retaining the rich aromas and flavours of dark beer. With the best ingredients and premium brewing techniques, these are the top-selling dark beers.

Asahi Super Dry Beer

A pale lager, the Super Dry is a good change from the everyday bitter aftertaste most beers leave. Easily on every drinks menu in bars and pubs, this beer is soft and light in texture and flavour, which makes it a great pairing for most table snacks.

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