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Ballantine Blended Scotch Whisky and its History

The lineage of Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky can be traced back to 1827, when a young 19-year-old George Ballantine, after apprenticing five years as a grocer, sets up a tiny grocery store in Edinburgh supplying a range of whiskies. Nine years later in 1836, George shifted his focus towards the art of ageing whiskies, using quality, hand-selected malts. Expanding operations, George also opened a bigger Ballentine’s shop with a new grocery store in South Bridge. Within half a century, Ballantine’s shops and warehouses export Ballantine's blended whisky to a worldwide market. George Ballentine retires and his two sons take the reins of the family business in 1988.

Not long after, George Ballentine passes on. While his body shuffles off this mortal coil, his legacy lives on forever imprinted in the pages of history. The proof of which comes in 1895, when Ballantine’s was awarded a Royal Warrant by Her Late Majesty Queen Victoria. Talk about a royal seal of approval indeed.

Signature Bottles

Ballantine’s Finest

Pioneered in 1910, The Ballantine’s Finest is the brand’s signature bottle. Voted the world’s best-blended scotch in 2020 and consistently topping the charts in terms of sales in Europe, this drink lives up to the hype. A light gold colour, The Ballantine’s Finest boasts soft and elegant heath honey notes with hints of spice. On the palette, it is a balance of subtle sweet flavours such as milk chocolate, red apple, and vanilla. An exquisite fresh and floral after-taste creates a rounded glow on the finish, making this bottle highly recommended for experienced and novice blended whisky fans alike.

Ballantine’s 12 Year

Compared to the no-age-statement Ballantine’s Finest, the Ballantine 12 year is the company’s hallmark aged bottle. While the former is a blend of different whiskies aged at least 3 years, the latter is a blend of whiskies aged for a minimum of 12 years. Made with a passion for whisky, for those with a passion for whisky - the Ballantine’s 12 is a honey-sweet whisky perfectly balanced with oak and vanilla notes. Visually rich with its golden honey tones, the 12-year-old Ballantine hits similar notes of honey with hints of oak and vanilla. Initial sips present complex honey and floral flavours, with a creamy oak sweetness, which soon give way to long-lasting and refreshing after tones. The additional years spent ageing deepens the already outstanding flavours Ballantine’s is known for, providing a much more complex tasting experience for any whisky aficionado. 

Ballantine’s 21 Year

Introduced in 1993, Ballantine’s 21-Year-Old Scotch Whisky is the cream of the crop as far as buying off the shelf goes. Intense and rich, complemented by smooth spice - its flavour is derived from a high proportion of whiskies aged twenty-one years and matured in European Oak casks. Visually deviating from its younger cousins in tone, the Ballantine’s 21-Year-Old sports a more reddish hue as a result of extended ageing. When inhaled, the spirit blooms richly, with honey-sweet undertones and hints of apple and floral aromas. Additional years in the barrel have also benefited the flavours within the whisky, bringing forth a delicate balance of rich liquorice and aromatic spice. Ending on subtle and mellow notes of dried fruit, the Ballantine’s 21 Year Old leaves one wanting more after every sip.

Between the three signature Ballantine bottles, there’s an entry point for newcomers and enthusiasts alike. Steeped in rich history and tradition, there’s little doubt why Ballantine’s has become a staple of the Scottish Whisky industry through the centuries.

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