Know Your Beers | Stout and Lager

Stout and Lager

You know you like your coffee with milk - a latte, you know you like your steak medium-rare, but do you know how you like your beers? The best way to find out your preferences is to give everything a shot - literally. However, if you are heading to a specialty craft beer joint this weekend with your posse and don’t want to risk burning a hole in your wallet trying to figure out which beer you fancy, narrow down your options by identifying the type of beer that you usually drink. Bars usually categorise beers into different categories such as lager, stout and pale ale, which makes things easier for you.

For most Singaporeans, it almost always boils down to stout or lager. Why so? 

The Difference

Technically speaking, all beers are either lagers or ales so it really is just lager VS ale instead of lager VS stout. The categorisation is mainly determined by the type of yeast used during the fermentation process during beer-making. Lagers are made with yeast that ferments at the bottom of the beer mixture while ales are made with yeast that does the opposite - ferment at the top. Stout happens to fall into the category of ales, as it is a top-fermented beer.

Lagers are golden-coloured beers that are usually lighter in flavour, more refreshing and lower in alcohol content. It is also most popular in countries like the Czech Republic and Germany. Stouts on the other hand, are dark beers (usually looks dark brown to black) that come with a strong roasted flavour and are commonly attributed as “strong” since it has a higher alcohol level than lagers in general. 


Being one of the world’s most popular choice of beer style, lagers are easy on the alcohol level and can satisfy alcohol-thirsty amateurs to casual Friday night drinkers looking to unwind and grab a cold one after work during dinner. Lagers are known for their “crisp” profile and some popular ones in Singapore available on JARBARLAR include Peroni, Heineken and Asahi Super Dry.

Lagers are the stuff of summertime beer commercials, the equivalent of a can of Coca Cola in the world of soft drinks. As it is usually heavily carbonated, the best way to enjoy a pint or a can of the former would be to have it served chilled, making it perfect for Singapore’s warm climate. The best part of it all - lagers tend to have fewer calories than other alcoholic beverages, making it the choice for calorie-conscious individuals who are looking for a “healthier” alternative to consume alcohol. If you work out regularly and don’t wish to waste too many calories on beer, lagers can be your go-to. 


Made with roasted barley, stouts are commonly known to be strong, roasty and dark. If you like heavy profiles and a low level of carbonation in your beers, stouts will definitely be your choice of poison. The most celebrated stout producer in the world is probably Guinness, the Irish icon for stout and the preferred beer for Irishmen on St Patrick’s Day.

Known affectionately as Ang Ji Kao (red-tongued dog) by locals, stouts have won the hearts of young and old Singaporeans who regularly enjoy a pint or two at neighbourhood coffeeshops or bars they frequent. Some might even order in bulk for festivities such as Chinese New Year. However, many do not know that the dark beer got its colloquial name as Guinness’ Asia distributor used to feature its own logo of a wolfhound beside the former’s brand name decades ago and it stuck. 

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