Birthday Celebrations in the Time of a Pandemic

Birthday Party Celebration

All through this year, COVID-19 has been the dark rain cloud looming over everyone’s parade. In the face of this pandemic, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate another year of health and happiness, without journeying out for parties. With equal parts good company, good food, and great drinks, the recipe for a memorable birthday remains mostly unchanged, sans swapping out the atmosphere of a bar for a comfy couch at home.

Throwing a Party at Home

As exciting as bar hopping and painting the town red might sound, an intimate birthday has its merits as well. The biggest upside of celebrating at home is a controlled and comfortable environment where everyone can let loose, and truly relish in birthday celebrations together. It isn’t that difficult to throw a house party - there’s a routine checklist of things that you need to cross off, undoubtedly. These items consist of food, drinks, and entertainment, which can all be arranged fuss-free in advance.

1. Food

The food at a party sets the tone and mood. For example, a host could decide to make the house party a little more formal by deciding to lean towards a dinner party vibe. A multiple course dinner paired with wines that complement each dish is a more serious tone, compared to a pizza party. The benefit of a house party is the ability to pick and adjust the tone of the party based on what the birthday guest would like. If they’re craving something a little informal, ordering in take out from different places might be a convenient option that adds variety to a chill night. 

Alternatively, a potluck is a great way to introduce unique flavours and allow people to share stories about their respective dishes. Just be sure to get an idea of what everyone is bringing beforehand, otherwise, you might end up with four trays of carbs and no appetisers.

2. Drinks

With food decided, let’s talk about drinks! A party wouldn’t be a party without some alcohol - to save time and cut down on unnecessary work, party planners can opt for JARBARLAR’s alcohol delivery services and avoid the hassle of carrying cases and bottles of alcohol home from the supermarket!

In most instances, beer would be the best casual drink for a fun party. Easily prepared and stocked, serving beer at a party removes the awkward need for guests to mix their own drinks. The low alcohol by volume (ABV) also ensures that partygoers won’t accidentally get too smashed early in the night, and end up passing out before the cake is cut. Another option takes on the form of wine, or pre-made batch cocktails that can be easily served, with minimal preparation. If you are thinking of ordering beers, why not take a look at the Asahi and Hoegaarden beers available on our website? Ideally, guests should spend less time fixated on getting a drink and more time socialising!

3. Entertainment

To go along with food and drinks, entertainment is a must. We’re not implying that conversation amongst friends might get boring, but consider mixing things up by playing some games, either analogue or digital.

Board games such as Avalon and video games on a Nintendo Switch, like Mario Party, make for fun highlights that are sure to immortalise the night. The former is a social deduction game where players work to achieve their own goals while subverting their friends, while the latter is a haptic-based game that uses a remote to pit players against each other in a party game style system. Regardless of what you pick, such interaction and friendly competition make for fond memories.

Whether it’s a fancy dinner party with paired wines or just a pizza party with beer and video games - there are many awesome ways to celebrate your birthday at home with friends and loved ones. Shop online at JARBARLAR now for all your alcohol needs, delivered to your doorstep. Sign up for our loyalty program and be rewarded with points for each dollar spent.