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Mars The Y.A. #02 Blended Whisky 700ml

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MARS The Y. A. is a whisky aged on Yakushima island, with rich water and mountains. We mature different types of malt whiskies from our Shinshu and Tsunuki distilleries and blend them to create a unique expression.
Hints of sun-ripened fruits combined with a sea breeze and smoky flavors make us imagine mystic mist-filled Yakushima forests.

Product name MARS The Y.A. #02
Product category Blended Malt Japanese Whisky
Mars Shinshu Distillery
Mars Tsunuki Distillery
Aging site Mars Yakushima Aging Cellar
Year of Distillation 2017~2019
Barrel type Mainly bourbon barrels
Abv. 49%
Volume 700ml
Top Sun-ripened fruits combine with the sea breeze and soft white smoke.
Palate A thick flavor develops with smoky and mineral notes.
After A rich oily taste lingers long.