Wedding Celebration Party

The sacred vows have been exchanged between two individuals deeply in love, ending with the popping of a champagne bottle amongst the rambunctious cheer. Glasses are raised for a toast led by the best man after his speech during the reception. Your guests have started to relax and wind down from the high, and are instead mingling, eating, and drinking in celebration of your union.

In such a wedding celebration party, flutes of champagne, cocktails, and mixed drinks are a must. Aside from having a good meal, having an excellent bar setup goes a long way in making sure your guests truly enjoy themselves. Such a celebration does not have to be on the wedding itself - the joyous occasion starts days prior to the actual day and ends much later. Whether the celebration is a playful pre-wedding bachelorette party for the bride and her bridal entourage, a wholesome outdoor wedding where all your relatives and friends head to the beach to commemorate the marriage, or an intimate after-party at home with the family - a slight buzz in the system from quality booze is always highly appreciated.

Find Your Wedding Celebratory Booze at Jarbarlar

If you are scouring for an events drink catering company to serve quality drinks during your big day, Jarbarlar is here to help. We carry an eclectic array of drinks to go well with your wedding dinner party, from wines, liqueur, cognacs, to even spirits and beers. In fact, we take pride in having a selection that goes beyond these pages - so be sure to make a request if you wish for something specific. 

Our services go beyond serving you the best drinks during your wedding. We will also assist you to plan the right amount of alcohol according to your guest list, so that you can keep your cost at the minimum. On top of recommending a range of beverages, we will also supply and assist you with matching drinks in accordance with your wedding’s theme! If you are welcoming your guests to a wedding pool party, refreshing poolside cocktails like the cucumber margarita and brewsky sangria are sure to be the star of your event. With a minimum spend of $50, you can even leverage our free delivery service. Visit our site today to take a look at our full catalogue today!