Corporate Parties

Corporate parties are a great way to encourage interaction between your staff and team members outside of work hours. It alleviates interdepartmental tension that might have arisen during office hours and provides your staff with an avenue to relax and destress from the daily hustle. Company-wide events can also keep your staff motivated and in high spirits, which increases business productivity in the long run.

Say goodbye to those stiff and stuffy company events by treating your employees to an epicly fun corporate event at the end of the quarter.

Hosting a Corporate Party

Office party planning is tricky business - how does one keep everyone buzzing for weeks with an amazing party? The right office party games or activities are essential for a successful workplace event, but which activities are the best?

1. Escape Room

The Escape Room is one of the best team-building activities that could bring brilliant employees from different departments together. Employees can come together to solve riddles, simulate a bank heist or simply have a great time - these events will promote communication, chemistry, and excitement. When these boxes are ticked, it means that the corporate event has achieved its purpose of bringing colleagues close together.

2.Happy Hour

Who does not love happy hour? Take the pressure off corporate events by allowing your staff to unwind with a couple tipple or two! Whether you are intending to host a celebratory event in the pantry by popping some champagne or have a couple of pints to unwind, Jarbarlar can provide what you need.

Order your supply of beer, wine or hard liquor from our website ahead of time and we will do the heavy lifting for you. With a minimum spend of $50, you can even get your corporate party drinks delivered to the office for free. Take a look at our full catalogue today!