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Tiger Beer Singapore

Craving for a refreshing can of beer after a busy day? Crack open a can of Tiger Beer! Brewed locally in Singapore since 1932, Tiger Beer has remained a hot favourite among Singaporeans for gatherings, parties or for a drink or two at home.

Since its birth, Tiger Beer has introduced a series of new beers on top of its original lager, which includes flavoured and non-alcoholic options to further appeal to the masses. Some of Tiger Beer’s latest creations include the Tiger Radler, Tiger Crystal and Tiger Extra Fresh.

The Tiger Radler

Brewed fresh with lemon juice or grapefruit juice, this summery iteration of Tiger Beer strikes a chord in the hearts of Singaporeans during a scorching hot day.

The lemon flavour is best enjoyed with famous spicy local fare - the Barbercued Sambal Stingray and Sambal Fried Clams while the grapefruit flavour is best enjoyed with sweet or savoury desserts such as kuehs or tarts.

Stock up on this zesty beer in your fridge at home to combat hot days now!

The Tiger Crystal

Specially brewed using the unique -1°C crystal cold filtration process that preserves and enhances the beer’s best flavours and aroma, the Tiger Crystal is a full-flavoured pale gold lager that tastes refreshingly crisp and goes down easy.

Enjoy the Tiger Crystal with Singapore dishes such as white carrot cake or with a serving of seared salmon.

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