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Products of an Incredible Harvest

 Pleasantly sweet with a hint of floral and blooming notes, the Somersby Apple Cider is ‘your daily dose of optimism’. Wonderfully refreshing, cider is the perfect alternative to a can of beer on a hot summer day. Low on its alcoholic content, this fermented beverage can be enjoyed chilled or topped with some ice and downed easily like any other fruit ‘juice’. Launched in 2008, Somersby has since experimented with other ingredients and embarked on other creative ventures with their classic recipes. The brand has released a wide range of sparkling cider of different flavours – from the limited-edition Watermelon Cider to the classic Apple Cider. All of these delicious variants are revered worldwide, not only for their crispness but also openness to the utilisation of vegan-friendly ingredients and the launch of a good deal of gluten-free beverages as possible.

The Apple Appeal – Somersby Apple Cider

The perfect gateway cider for new drinkers, there are several reasons why Somersby Apple Cider is the top-selling alcoholic beverage around the world. First bottled in 2008 from an incredible apple harvest in Denmark, the Somersby Apple Cider has a uniquely balanced taste. Setting a new standard in commercial cider, it is made with no artificial sweeteners, flavours, or colourings. Instead, it relies solely on fermented apple juice and natural apple flavouring. With enough tartness that balances off the sweetness of the sweet apple, vanilla, and honey tones, the light gold booze has a well-defined flavour profile that invigorates your senses. Completed with a candied apple bite and hints of caramel, the long-lasting fruity flavours will leave a lingering aftertaste on your palate. Best served over ice, Somersby Apple Cider is also possibly one of the best cocktail mixers – so why not grab a bottle and whip yourself a Mimosa or two?

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