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The Asian Favourite, Buy Roku Gin Online

Taste Japan. That’s what Roku gin inspires from a single sip. As the name itself suggests, Roku or six in the Japanese language is made of six botanicals that are distinctly from the Land of the Rising Sun, giving the traditional gin a fresh spin and a unique flavour of the Orient.

Roku gin’s popularity skyrocketed online in just a few years. But why the buying frenzy? Because of the exceptional way this Japanese spirit opens up a new world to drinkers with unparalleled taste.

What Is Roku Gin Made Of?

Roku gin is made in Japan, so naturally, it’s made from the most sought after ingredients of Japan. When you buy Roku gin online, you don’t just get the traditional ingredients like juniper berries, coriander, and bitter orange peel and lemon peels. Roku Gin derives its luscious provocative flavour from sakura leaves and flowers, and elevates its aroma from teas like sencha, gyokuro. Roku gin’s signature kick lies in the sansho pepper ingredient, as well as the signature acidity of the yuzu peel.

Yes! I Bought Roku Gin Online, But How Should It Be Served?

So you’ve just made the wise decision to buy the delectable Roku gin online, but what goes well with this highly coveted Japanese spirit, and how should it be served?

Keep it simple and serve it with thin slices of ginger to accent the strong yuzu and sakura notes of the Roku gin, on the rocks. Prefer to bring out the acidity of the Roku gin? It melds perfectly with lime juice, a hint of sweetness from simple syrup, and garnished with a lime slice, served neat.

The Roku gin’s adaptable notes can be enjoyed in more ways than one. Explore a new world today!

Where To Buy Roku Gin Online In Singapore

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