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More About Nikka Whisky

Founded in 1934, Nikka is one of the top and second largest distilleries in Japan. Owned by a renowned name, Asahi, Nikka whiskys offer a good variety for those looking to expand their taste preferences in the game. Nikka whisky blends are a blend of malt and grain or purely malt.

There are several different types of Nikka whiskys available. Blend, taste profile, history - it’s time for tipple tasting to see which best tickles your fancy.

Nikka From The Barrel

A blend of single malt and single grain whiskys, this one’s produced the same way that many blended Scotch whiskys are. With over 100 whiskys blended together and aged in various casks to enrich flavour, fans of a good blended whisky will love this one. Nikka From The Barrel offers a stronger alcoholic flavour than its other Japanese whisky counterparts. Boasting bold sherry notes, this whisky is known for its vanilla, fruit, and spice lingering scent and flavour.

Nikka Super Old Rare

Produced to commemorate the death of Masataka Taketsuru’s wife Rita, the Nikka Super Old Rare is a classic blended and smooth whisky, easy on the palate. Mellow with light notes of sherry, this whisky contains a high proportion of malt from the Yoichi and Miyagikyo distilleries in Japan. Honey and caramel flavours tend to characterise the spirit of this whisky. 

Nikka 12 Year Old

Pleasantly flavoured with sweet notes, the Nikka 12 Year Old is a classic Japanese blend that’s perfect for get-togethers. With that strong characteristic Nikka richness, this whisky blend offers notes of cocoa, butterscotch, and nutmeg.

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