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Picture this: you just closed the biggest business deal of your life. You're ready to pop open a bottle of champagne to celebrate, but you want to commemorate the special occasion with something stronger and more refined. After all, it isa special occasion.

If you are still on the lookout for a smooth and pleasant tipple, why not try Teeling whiskey?

While established in Dublin only in 2015, this whiskey has more than a century of history. It was first recorded in 1782 with the first distillery opened by Walter Teeling. Today, it is a favourite amongst many whisky fans.

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What Does Teeling Whisky Taste Like?

Most whiskys are known for their spicy and nutty taste. What makes Teeling whisky unique is its fruit-scented aroma and taste. Made from white grape, Teeling whisky is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys fruity drinks on a hot day. Not to mention it is smooth and light as well, perfect for a sunny day!

If you are a fan of red wine, you are definitely going to love Teeling whisky.

You can enjoy it neat or on the rocks.

A Quick Look at Irish Whisky

If there is one thing Irish whisky is known for, it is its light, sweet and refreshing flavour. That's because the primary component of most Irish whiskys is barley while American whiskys use rye, wheat or corn. the former is also distilled thrice for a lighter flavour.

If you are thinking of getting a bottle of Irish whisky for your own enjoyment, JARBARLAR has plenty of other Irish whiskys such as Jameson, Proper Twelve and Redbreast available on our website.

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