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Liven Up The Party With Glenlivet Whisky

There's nothing more you could want for a party than Glenlivet Whisky! This is one of the most popular whiskies in history. It has been awarded many different prizes and was even dubbed as one of "The 5 Best Value Scotch Whiskies To Buy Now" by Forbes in 2018. One of its best features is it’s smooth, quality taste that will make any event unforgettable with just one sip, and any party legendary with a glassful.

Liven up any special occasions this year with some finely aged Glenlivet whisky from Scotland to have everyone talking about how great your soiree went long after it ends!

Does Age Matter In The Glenlivet Whisky?

Not necessarily. From the Glenlivet 18, to the Glenlivet 12 and Glenlivet 15, all whiskies within the Glenlivet collection have maintained a fine-tuned standard of quality over the years and is widely popular among drinkers in Singapore. For whiskys, it’s not so much the maturity of the drink than the distinct taste profiles among the different ages due to how long they’ve been in the cask. What’s more important to note about your own preferences in whisky is the type of woods and barrels used, and the temperatures they were kept in.

How Is The Glenlivet Whisky Made?

This single malt whisky is made from the barleys of Portgordon, Scotland. After the barleys are harvested and processed, they’re fermented in wooden washbacks where the unique floral notes of the whiskey are derived from.

After fermentation, they are then doubled distilled using the signature pots that were originally designed by Glenlivet founder, George Smith.

Finally, the whisky gains its full flavour as they are aged in casks made of finely selected woods like Orloroso sherry and American oak.

How Should The Glenlivet Be Served?

The sky’s the limit! Whether you like your scotch whiskes on the rocks, straight, with soda water, ginger ale or made in a specially whipped up cocktail, as long as the Glenlivet Whisky is in the house, you’re in for a good time!

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