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Buy the Best Burgundy Wines Online in Singapore

Hailing from the eastern French wine region of the same name, Burgundy wines are famous all over the world. Pinot Noir grapes fill your glass of red, while a bunch of Chardonnay delivers beautiful white Burgundy, some of the bestwines you can find. Whether you are looking for the top tier Burgundy Grand Cru or more conservatively-priced village wines, you can find your preferred bottle from our extensive online collection. Browse our white and red wines from Burgundy and enjoy alcohol delivery across Singapore!

A Glass of Red or White from Burgundy

Going for the Louis Jadot Chablis or the Domaine Faiveley Latricières-Chambertin? Or something else? Our great selection of Burgundy wines are stocked with the names you’re after - there is no better place to shop for wines inSingapore than on our website.

What makes the best French white wine or the most flavourful Burgundy red? While a mark of top quality, Burgundy wines differ in their tastes and prices across four wine types, namely the Grand Cru, Premier Cru, Village or Regional.

  • Grand Cru - Made from the best vineyards that offer ideal conditions for ageing and long-term cellaring, the Burgundy wines with this classification make up only 2 percent of all wines.

  • Premier Cru - A tier down from the Grand Cru, Premier Cru are made on more superior sections of vineyards, offering stellar quality wines that make up 12 percent of Burgundy’s production.

  • Village - More common than the above two, village wines are made in over 40 specific villages across Burgundy, contributing to 36 percent of the region's wine production.

  • Regional - Prepared from a combination of vineyards across Burgundy instead of a single village, regional winesare classified as Bourgogne Rouge or Bourgogne Blanc, and make up about half of the region’s wines.

If you’re looking for dry white wines or a classic French red, take a peek at our excellent Burgundy wine selections today, or any other French wines you can think of! Buy wines in bulk or get a bottle. Free delivery is available for orders above $50.