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Shop the Finest Blended Whisky from Chivas to Ballantine

Scotch, whisky, bourbon, or scotch whisky – with different monikers to their name, these spirits are revered for their smoothness. Its iconic robust golden amber tones come in an array of styles, informing us of the flavours to expect and the luscious aromas that might accompany it.

Crafted through various methods, the raw grain goes through malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation, and maturation. The longer the spirit is left to age, the darker the hue, and the more complex the flavour. Though the Chivas Regal 18 has the same character as the Chivas Regal 12, Chivas 18 is richer and creamier due to its additional years of maturation. Scotches, like Ballentine 21, also have a required minimum age for maturation.

The Master of Malt: Whisky Options in Singapore

From the Chivas alcohol selection rich with malt, honey, and vanilla custard undertones to the lightly sweetened flavours of Ballantine scotch, whisky options are aplenty. Available in different alcohol percentages and price points, popular choices like the Chivas Regal, cater to the scotch lovers in Singapore.

What are the best scotches?

There are several blended scotch whiskies that remain as all-time favourites to this day. Some of them include:

  • Chivas Whisky

With a wide product line – ranging from Chivas Regal 18 and Chivas Regal 12 to Chivas Royal Salute, Chivas Regal is one of the best-known whisky blends in Singapore. Available at different prices based on its age, the award-winning Chivas whisky collection even topped the chart of Forbes best value blended Scotch whiskies.

  • Ballantine Whisky

Aged for at least 3 years, Ballentine is a soft and sweet scotch whisky. A satisfyingly smooth blend, this smooth single malt has notes of apples and mangoes – a flavour profile that has led to whiskies like the Ballantine 14 to win multiple awards.

A Large Inventory of Blended Malt Whisky in Singapore

Not sure where to buy Chivas Regal or Ballantine scotches? Available at competitive prices, fan favourites like the Chivas 18 and Ballantine 21 can be easily purchased on JARBARLAR and delivered across Singapore! With orders above S$50, enjoy free delivery to your doorstep – check out our range of Chivas Regal whiskies and other alcohols today.