The Martell Story

A bottle of Martell Story

In 1715, founder Jean Martell left his native homeland Jersey and arrived in France to develop the art of cognac. Travelling the land in search of the finest Eaux-de-vie, a spirit derived from fermented fruits, Martell also develops ties with local winegrowers that set the foundation for generations to come.

Following Jean’s death in 1753,  his widow Rachel Martell took over the family business, vowing to uphold her late husband’s vision and integrity. Rachel Martell runs Maison Martell according to an uncompromising philosophy - “I want only the best, without artifice.”

Half a century later, despite the continental blockade in 1808, an exceptional import license signed by King George III allowed Martell Cognac to be imported to England. Some might say an exceptional circumstance for an exceptional cognac.

Martell cognacs gained even more international fame in 1858, spreading worldwide as the first shipments arrived in China. Maison Martell achieved the English royal stamp of approval in 1911, as it is served at the coronation of King George V of England.

Fast forward to the turn of the millennium and the French brand launches its most renowned bottle to date, the Martell XO. With its power, intensity and distinctive arch-shaped bottle style, the exceptional whisky is savoured by millions across the globe, including Singapore.


What makes Martell truly so exquisite is the delicate craftsmanship that goes into each bottle. Built upon the four principles of terroir, distillation, ageing, and blending - every stage is meticulously supervised and executed with detailed precision. Firstly, the grape-growing areas of Cognac located in the Charente region of France, near the Atlantic Coast, encourage optimum growth of the region’s predominant grape variety Ugni Blanc. Coupled with the rich silica-clay soils of the Borderies chosen specifically by founder Jean Martell himself, this unique terroir lends the finest Martell cognacs their trademark depth and nuance in flavour.

Next, distillation is still performed in traditional copper pots to obtain exclusively clear wines. One of the only to do so, out of all the various Cognac houses, this process produces premium Eaux-de-vie which reveal the full character of the grapes.

After obtaining this, the ageing of the Eaux-de-vie over generous periods of time allows a beautiful transformation to take place. Oak barrels, gently burnt prior to ageing, embody that signature amber hue into the raw distillate as it ages, helping it develop the key touches to its aromatic personality.

Finally, at some point when the Martell Cellar Master deems it matured, the Eaux-de-vie is removed from the oak barrels and placed in glass demijohns to prevent further ageing. They are then kept under lock and key till they are used to make the rarest of cognacs.

The Martell Cordon Bleu

A legendary bottle ideal for special occasions, the Martell Cordon Bleu is endowed with beautiful complexity and rich aromas. Boasting a deep golden colour, the Martell Cordon Bleu holds aromas of candied plum and apple, harmonising with toasted notes of mocha coffee, almonds, and vetiver.

When tasted, it has an exceptionally rounded mellow body on the palette, amplified by the Eaux-de-vie grown in the Borderies. As expected of its elegance and complexity, the Martell Cordon Bleu has an impressively long finish characterised by notes of fruits and spices.

To be enjoyed ideally, the French distillery recommends enjoying a glass of Cordon Bleu neat or with a splash of water. If desired, one may also pour a serving of Martell Cordon Bleu over an iced dish containing ice cubes, into a rocks glass below. 

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