The Glenfiddich Story

A bottle of chilled Glenfiddich Story

In the summer of 1886, founder William Grant set out to fulfil a lifelong ambition. Supported and aided by his seven sons and two daughters, they began building his distillery by hand. Literally. Stone after stone, the family toiled for a year tirelessly till the structure’s completion. Naming it Glenfiddich, Gaelic for Valley of the Deer, the iconic stag would later be forever emblazoned front and centre of every bottle produced.

Water, air, and malted barley - a trinity of ingredients expertly crafted and refined to perfection before being bottled as the golden amber known as Glenfiddich whisky. So inspirational was the distillery that in 1961, 20th-century German designer Hans Schelger was motivated to develop the triangular bottle design we’ve come to know and love today. Once considered radical and wayward, the eye-catching tri-tripped bottle now adorns the shelves of cocktail bars in Singapore and worldwide.

One of the first brands actively promoted outside of Scotland in 1963, global consumers of the time accustomed to drinking blended whisky was immediately taken aback at the delights of the single malt brand. All credit goes to Sandy Grant Gordon, great-grandson of founder William, for advocating this international shift.

Never one to rest on their laurels, the Glenfiddich distillery went on to pioneer the Solera Vat in 1998. Through a revolutionary process of backfilling barrels and continuously ageing their contents, Glenfiddich elevated the notion of age-statements in whisky across the industry, a technique that is still used today by the Speyside distillery.

In 2001, Glenfiddich released the oldest bottle of Single Malt Scotch ever recorded. Bottled 64 years ago in 1937, it is rumoured that only 61 bottles remain from the original batch derived from Cask 843. Ten separate Warehouse Masters watched this cask bloom into the pinnacle of Single Malt Scotch, a true testament to the commitment of Glenfiddich in quality distillation.

Fast forward to 2021, despite the COVID-19 pandemic Glenfiddich has decidedly surfed on the wave that is social distancing measures. Understanding the shift towards home dining and smaller group gatherings, the dynamic brand has supported local efforts in Singapore via virtual events such as the 1887 Virtual Bar. Matching dollar for dollar donations, Glenfiddich has solidified its position as a cornerstone of the whisky and F&B industry in Singapore.

Signature Bottles

Continuing down our path of history, let’s take a look at some of the more unique bottles released by Glenfiddich past and present.

First off, we have the Glenfiddich 18 Year Old. One of their core bottles, uniquely matured in a cask made out of Spanish Oloroso Wood and American Oak to lend a rich, fruity, and robust oak flavour to the spirit.

Visually dark gold in colour, the first thing that hits you when you pour a dram of Glenfiddich 18 Year is the remarkably rich nose of ripe orchard fruit, baked apple, and robust oak. Complex in flavour, this whisky hits tasting notes of luxurious dried fruit, candy peel, and dates. The finish itself is as distinguished on the palette, with a warm and rewarding end to the tasting experience. As we alluded to earlier, this is one of Glenfiddich’s core bottles and is available year-round, making it the perfect drink to stock at home and savour.

A little more special is the Glenfiddich 50 Year Old. Only on its second vatting, this is one of the oldest and finest whiskies available. Only 50 bottles of this single malt Scotch is released annually, making it a treat for anyone who gets their hands on it. Sporting a pale gold hue, this whisky possesses a beautiful and harmoniously complex aroma with whiffs of delicate rose petals and violets, intertwined with green tobacco leaf, oak, and faint hints of smoke. When tasted, the 50 Year is initially sweet with hints of zesty orange marmalade and vanilla toffee, slowly cascading into floral-fruity undertones before ending with silky oak tannins and gentle smoke. As expected, the finish is exceptionally long with traces of oak and peat lingering in the mouth.

Lastly, a bottle for whisky collectors and cult Glenfiddich fans worldwide - the Glenfiddich Ultimate. Aged to 38 years old, each bottle of the Glenfiddich Ultimate comes in a special ornate decanter with an intricately cut crystal stopper, accompanied by a brass identification card. Only available in selected outlets, this bottle embodies the pinnacle of whisky distilling. Rich gold in colour, the Glenfiddich Ultimate carries vibrant oak notes with a rich vanilla toffee aroma, with delicate floral character and fruits presenting over time. When sampled, there is a woody spiciness from the sherry butts that are complemented by layers of creamy bourbon and rich caramelised fruits. Finishing on a velvety and memorable sweetness, this bottle is one to savour and treasure over time.

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