All You Need to Know About Macallan Scotch Whiskey

Ask any whisky aficionado to name three brands of their favourite single malt, and inevitably the name Macallan will surface in conversation. Heck, ask anyone who's ever walked into a bar in Singapore to name a brand of Scotch whisky and we bet you the results would probably be the same. Such brand equity doesn’t come easily and rest assured that every little bit of it is hard-earned. Placing utmost emphasis on the selection of their oak-casks and the aging process, Macallan has successfully managed to ensure the quality of their spirits for the better half of the last two centuries.

You read that right, Maccallan has been around since 1824. With that amount of legacy and heritage, it’s clearly no surprise to hear that the most expensive bottle of whisky ever auctioned was a Macallan. The Macallan 1926 Fine and Rare 60 Year Old, distilled close to a century ago at the peak of American Prohibition, fetched a whopping 2.6 million SGD price tag at hammer during its Sotheby’s auction. One can only wonder in amazement knowing that this particular bottle of whisky has lived through a World War and is older than the majority of you reading this.

The Macallan Story

The Macallan Distillery had humble beginnings, and was founded in 1824 when then-owner Alexander Reid obtained the respective licenses after the 1823 Excise Act was passed. 45 years later, Reid sold the plant to James Stuart who began rebuilding the estate and expanding it. Macallan finally hit it big in 1892 when Roderick Kemp, a Victorian distilling magnate bought ownership of the label and passed it down from generation to generation. It wasn’t until 1996 that Highland Distillers, now known as Edrington, took over Macallan and exponentially grew the distillery till critical mass.

Originally starting out in a single wooden shed with two stills, Macallan now boasts two major stillhouses and a subterranean distillery that was launched in 2018. Their portfolio of products has also grown massively, with the brand’s flagship bottles being the 12 year and 18 year age statement single malt whiskies. Outside of that, Macallan has also experimented with American oak ex-sherry and ex-bourbon casks in their finishing process - a step away from the traditional flavors of Macallan. Boasting a lighter, and sweeter flavor profile than the usual Speyside whiskies, these innovations have helped draw in a younger target audience and reinvigorated appreciation for the Macallan brand.

In particular, the Macallan 12 year old Sherry Oak-Highland has drawn much adoration for its perfect balance of new versus old. New and returning fans of the Scottish whisky brand have praised its rich woody nose and dried fruity finish, with a full body that is undeniably traditional Macallan.

Enjoying a Glass of Macallan Whiskey

If you have a bottle of Macallan handy right now, you’re in luck. Whether it's on the rocks or with a little bit of soda water, the ideal way to enjoy most spirits is however you prefer it best.

But Macallan isn't like most spirits. Traditional wisdom dictates that the best way to enjoy a bottle of Macallan is neat, in a concave glass that fully allows you to appreciate the nose of the spirit.

Adding a dash of water to open up its flavor profile is also recommended, although too much water is discouraged due to diluting the whisky’s flavour. This logic also applies to why whisky experts dissuade adding any ice into your drink.

To avoid offending whisky purists, any mixers with your scotch, beyond plain water, would be considered sacrilegious. So if you’re in the presence of one, best put that bottle of Coke back in the fridge.

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