4 Mistakes You are Making as an Amateur Wine Drinker

Making as an Amateur Wine Drinker

Humans err, and that is a harsh truth of life, but one of the few situations you would not want to be caught looking like an amateur is while you are in the company of seasoned wine drinkers. If you are an amateur wine drinker, rejoice as JARBARLAR has come up with a handy list of wine-drinking faux pas that can help you avoid any embarrassment at your upcoming dinner party or meal with your colleagues.

 1. Holding the Wine Glass by Its Bowl

This is probably the most obvious mistake that screams “amateur alert” when it comes to wine drinking as it is considered bad wine etiquette to hold a wine glass by the bowl as it transfers body heat from your palm to the wine and warms the wine while you hold the glass. This will affect the optimum temperature that the wine is suited to be enjoyed at, which might waste the wine entirely since you will not be able to taste it at its best. Therefore, how you should hold a wine glass is always by its stem - a wine glass is made with a stem for a reason, after all.

2. Serving Wine at The Wrong Temperature  

Yet another faux pas pertaining to the temperature of the wine. If you didn’t know, wines made with different grape varieties and methods should be served at different temperatures for the best tasting experience. Not serving wine at its ideal temperature will affect its taste and aroma, which can waste a nice bottle of wine. To prevent any harm done while serving wine at a dinner you are hosting, be sure to do some research or get the advice of the sommelier you obtained the wine from for accurate storage tips serving instructions.

3. Pairing The Wrong Wine with Your Meal


Even individuals who have never tasted wine know that the type of meat you are having for your meal should determine your choice of wine. Having the wrong wine with your dinner can result in less than desirable tastes and also affect the quality of your meal.

If you are hosting a dinner at your place, follow this general rule of thumb - Red wines pair best with bold flavored meats (red meat). White wines pair best with light-intensity meats (fish or chicken). This is not an all-encompassing rule, but good enough for rookies. Always remember that a correct food and wine pairing creates a nice balance between the components of a dish and the characteristics of a wine, elevating the experience of the meal. It might sound complicated, but the basics of wine and food pairing is easy to grasp. 

4. Sticking to a Favourite Bottle, All the Time

Wine drinking is not about playing favourites. While it might not considered a blunder to prefer a particular bottle of wine over another, the best way to enjoy the art of wine drinking is to expose yourself to as many types of wines as possible. After all, wine drinking is all about the experience and tasting new notes with every sip. With time, you will learn the the possibilities are endless with wine.

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