Know Your Ciders | All About Apple Ciders

Cider - the crisp, complex, alcoholic beverage made from pressed apples that originated in Britain, but what is cider exactly?

Cider is basically fermented apple juice fermented by fruit-borne yeast or added yeast. There are sparkling and still variations, but it mostly depends on what type of apples are being used and the production process. Ciders commonly found in Singapore are typically low in alcohol content with about 3-4% ABV, but most ciders are about 6-8% ABV, with some French variations going up to above 10% ABV.

Most American ciders are produced with Winesaps and Golden Russets, which are also commercially sold for consumption as a fruit. However, apples used to make ciders should traditionally be extremely tart and tannic, with high levels of acid and sugar, making them unsuitable for eating.

Types of Ciders

Heritage Ciders

Heritage ciders, or otherwise known as traditional ciders, are made from cider-specific bittersweet/bittersharp apples, with wild or crab apples added for acidity. These apples yield ciders that are higher in acidity, bitterness and complex aromas. Heritage ciders in the market include Strongbow Gold and Magners Original Irish Cider.                                      

Flavour: Complex with dryness and bitterness

Appearance: Yellow or amber, clear to hazy variants

Modern Ciders

Modern ciders are made with table apples such as Mcintosh, Golden Russets or Gala. They are usually low in tannins and higher in acidity but taste incredibly refreshing. Popular modern ciders include Singapore favourite Somersby Apple Cider and Growers HoneyCrisp Apple Flavoured.                                              

Flavour: refreshing with strong apple character

Appearance: Pale to yellow, clear to hazy variants

Fruit Ciders

Fruit ciders are apple-based ciders that have other fruits or fruit juices added before or after fermentation. With the addition of fruits other than apples, the cider’s flavour changes according to the added fruits. Fruit ciders typically include cherry, cranberry, blueberry and peach on top of apples.                                                         

Flavour: additional aroma and flavour from added fruits

Colour: varies according to fruits added

Wood-Aged Ciders

Wood/barrel-aged ciders are apple-based ciders that have a wood or barrel-aged character as part of their overall flavour profile. Its flavour intensity is mostly based on the proportion of wood and cider used. 

Flavour: notable cider character along with wood/barrel character

Appearance: clear to brilliant

Cider Around The World

Most of the cider we consume are produced in England, France and Spain, the three leading producers of the world’s ciders. 

English ciders taste just like modern ciders because, well, they are modern ciders. However, its traditional farmhouse cider,  Scrumpy, is drier, more complex and comes still or sparkling.

French cidre, on the other hand, produces the world’s most elegant ciders - sweet, tannic and naturally sparkling, thanks to the unique process of keeving.

Spain’s sidra is probably the most interesting of the bunch. Made with high-acid apples, the ciders are fermented in oak barrels at warmer temperatures to produce a “funky” and sour cider that resembles beer.

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