Know Your Beers | Craft Beers in Singapore

Are you a fan of craft beer or just an avid fan of beer and are looking for locally-brewed beers to enjoy while you watch the National Day parade from home? Well, you’re in luck as we are about to share everything that we know about the local craft beer scene!

You might be wondering - what is the difference between craft beers and regular beers like Heineken and Carlsberg which are widely available in Singapore? The main difference would be that craft beers are usually made only in small quantities as the ingredients are hand-selected and added by craft brewers. Most craft beers are made with malted barley but other non-traditional ingredients may also be added for a more distinctive flavour.

Since the latest pandemic regulations have made visits to the bar less appealing, find out how you can get your fix of locally brewed craft beers delivered to you in Singapore now!

1. That Singapore Beer Project

That Singapore Beer Project is a social beer project that aims to discover the beer preferences of Singaporeans all while translating these insights into tasty craft beers for the locals - beers for Singaporeans, by Singaporeans. Their signature brew, the Kiam Sng Di or Guava Sourplum Gose, is a combination of salty, sour and sweet, a pleasant drink for seasoned and casual drinkers. Other craft beers under their belt include the Tri-Tip (bottled) and Triple Luck (seasonal draft).

Get a taste of That Singapore Beer Project’s beers in the comfort of your own home by ordering from local bars such as Temple Cellars and Good Luck Beerhouse.

2. Pink Blossoms Brewing

What started as one man’s dream to share delicious beers with his community became a full-fledged local brewing business that poured its first pint for the public in 2018. Pink Blossoms Brewing wants to share big and bold flavours that make life beautiful, how poetic. With two tasting rooms in Singapore, one in Ubi and the other in Tampines, Pink Blossoms Brewing has successfully brewed tons of different craft beers since its opening. On top of its many seasonal beers, they have a total of five flagship beers (Lean on Me IPA, Hundred Years milk stout, Don’t Stop Believing IPA, Let It Be IPA and Never Say Goodbye Imperial Stout) available all year round at their tasting rooms, talk about variety!

Get a taste of their unique beers by ordering directly from their brewery.

3. Trouble Brewing

Singapore beers, born and brewed. Trouble Brewing was started up in 2017 with a simple goal - to provide the public with quality fresh beers that taste good and don't burn a hole in the pocket. With a brewery based in Tuas, the founders experimented unendingly and now have a full range of craft beers, cider and hard seltzers that are cheap and hard to forget once you give them a shot - literally.

Get the full collection of beers via delivery (Middle Child, Stolen Boat, Brick Head, Dodgy Tip, Road Hog and Pips Out) on their website now.

4. RedDot BrewHouse

Yes, we are referring to the maker of the green beer that every bar crawler on Boat Quay knows (and raves) about. While it might not be known to most, the folks behind the Green Monster beer have a whole range of other craft beers that are also worth a try at their bar. The RedDot BrewHouse has a total of eight other craft beers such as the RedDot Lime Wheat that you can start with.

Since they are only open for takeaways now, order from their e-shop to enjoy their tasty beers at home.

The Singapore craft beer scene continues to grow and stay vibrant despite the pandemic restrictions. Help local breweries stay afloat during this tough time by supporting locals and ordering from them this National Day.