Every Must-Have Liquor For A Home Bar Setup

Singapore has gone from Circuit Breaker to Phase 3 then back to Phase 2 in the span of a year. Even though Covid-19 regulations have changed several times, one thing remains constant - no alcohol served after 10:30 pm in your favourite bars or restaurants. If you haven’t got your favourite booze stocked up at home for nights when you have your best buddies over, now is the best time, since it doesn’t look like the government is going to ease the rules regarding alcohol consumption during the pandemic.

Keep reading to find out the basic essentials and must-have liquors for a well-stocked home bar.

1. The Essential Alcohols


Any self-respecting home bar will definitely have a bottle of crowd favourite vodka - the most versatile spirit that bartenders can easily morph seamlessly into almost any cocktail for a kick. Whether you prefer it fuss-free with some orange juice and call it a day or infuse it with vermouth and serve up a classy vodka martini, vodka will make it work.

When it comes to serving vodka, do it as the Russians do - serve it chilled and get popular brands such as Absolut, Grey Goose or Belvedere.


Most ladies love a good glass of gin and tonic, which means that you will probably need a bottle of good Hendrick’s gin whenever you are entertaining the ladies because how else are you going to make a gin and tonic cocktail?


When it comes to whisky, your best bet would be a bottle of good Scotch or Japanese whisky. Serve it up neat or with a splash of water to open up the spirit, best for entertaining more sophisticated drinkers or simply for a quiet night alone at home.


If you are organising a celebration, you can never go wrong with some rum in your belly. Rum cocktails remind people of the beach, the sun and everything beachy, making it perfect for a casual poolside party on a hot Saturday afternoon. Stock up on your favourite rum and make that pina colada for your guests!


Making margaritas by the jug? You’ll need plenty of tequila in your home bar then! Most tequila cocktails are citrusy and refreshing, best suited for the warm weather in Singapore or for a refreshing drink after a heavy party meal.

2. Garnish

If you are going to have a home bar fully stocked with the best booze, you can’t be serving your cocktails with no garnish! While garnishes on a $25 cocktail at your favourite bars might look complicated and intimidating to mimic at home, it actually isn’t that difficult to jazz up a glass of cocktail with simple garnishes. For your home bar, you just need a couple of essentials.


Never underestimate what a few olives can do to complement your drink. Simply line three together with a toothpick and serve it up on the rim of your glass of martini, or serve it dipped in the drink. 

Fruit Peels

Fruit peels are probably the most versatile and useful garnish for your home liquor bar. It works with almost any cocktail that contains fruity elements and can complement as well as beautify a cocktail. Keeping fruits such as lemons, limes, and oranges will allow you to add subtle citrus flavours to some of your favourite classic cocktails at any time.

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