Stay-Home Date Night - Fancy Cocktail Garnishes For Your Romantic Dinner

After a long year with a number of Covid-19 restrictions implemented in Singapore, it looks like we are once again clamping down on the rising number of cases and facing more restrictions being mandated by the government. Now that dining in at food and beverage outlets is not allowed, where does that leave couples who wish to celebrate a special occasion during this month of heightened measures. 

Spice Up Your Stay-Home Dinner

Dining at home usually involves hours of preparation, from grocery shopping to meal preparation, table setting and cooking, which can be backbreaking work. Spare yourself the trouble and order your meal in advance online. What you can do, though, is to create a romantic ambience and table setting for the special occasion.

1. Break Out The “Special” Dinnerware

Yes, we are talking about the particular set of cutlery and glassware you would only use for a special occasion or guest. Surprise your significant other by breaking them out to show them that they are unique enough. Take-out doesn't have to be served in takeaway boxes or enjoyed with plastic cutlery. Take your time to plate the dishes you ordered beautifully and tastefully on your dinnerware. 

2. Set The Table

Transport yourselves to a romantic restaurant by covering your old dining table with a nice table cloth and set the table with a few candles and rose petals to set the mood.

3. Prepare Some Cocktails with Fancy Garnishes

If you don’t have the luxury of time to cook up a four-course meal along with dessert and appetisers, you can afford the time to prepare some post-dinner cocktails to go along with your dinner. After all, cocktails only take a few minutes to prepare.

For a romantic dinner, you can go for sexy drinks like the Hanky Panky cocktail - a sophisticated glass of gin martini with a dash of Fernet Branca. Or if you prefer something lighter to go along with your meal, you can go for the bésame cocktail, which means “kiss me” in Spanish. This cocktail is tequila-based, flavoured with the essence of the Damiana flower and perfectly fused with lime, raspberries and passion fruit juice.

Cocktails might look fancy by themselves, but they are not at all difficult to make. Furthermore, you can always use garnishes to your advantage to class up your tipple. If you are not making a layered cocktail, you might need to add some colours to your drink to dress it up. Herbs and fruits are top choices in this case since they add a pop of colour to almost any cocktail.

You can even go the extra mile by lighting up the end of rosemary with a match, then blow it out to add a warm, smoky flavour to elevate the experience of good ol’ usual gin and tonic.

Otherwise, you can even make your garnish the star of the drink by giving it a unique design. To make citrus peel the star of the cocktail, simply use a peeler to peel the orange in a circular motion or roll the orange on the peeler in a circular motion. You will end up with a long strip of orange peel which you can then slice off both edges to have nice, clean ends. Wrap the orange peel around the interior of your cocktail glass before filling it with ice and alcohol, and voila - a simple cocktail made classy.

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