3 Cocktails You Can Make With Everyday Drinks at Home

Picture this - you just got off from a hectic day of working from home. You are looking forward to a nice dinner and spending several hours lounging on your couch, spending quality time with your loved ones. But it feels like you might be lacking something… That’s right, cocktails! You scramble to the kitchen, but all you find is a bunch of juices, nothing fancy and your good ol’ stash of alcohol.

While it might look like a fancy drinks session to unwind after dinner is about to bite the dust, fret not as JARBARLAR has a ton of ideas for you! If you are looking for a bit of an escape from the daily grind, then this list of easy cocktails is for you. We have compiled some of the best cocktails recipes that you can easily whip up at home to help take your mind off things and make it feel like your day off has arrived early.

1. Screwdriver

Ever wondered how the Screwdriver cocktail got its name? Decades ago, American workers working in the Persian Gulf used to sneak a little vodka in the orange juice to drink on the job. Since they did not have a spoon readily available, they stirred the alcohol in with a screwdriver. Containing only orange juice and vodka, it is a fairly simple recipe that packs a punch.

You will need:

60ml Vodka

150ml Orange juice (freshly squeezed, if possible)


Pour the vodka and orange juice in a Collins glass with ice and stir well. Yes, you read that right - that is all there is to a glass of Screwdriver!

2. Mimosa

Making a Mimosa couldn’t be any simpler than making a Screwdriver, since both cocktails only contain two basic ingredients. For Mimosa, you will have to dig around for that bottle of champagne or sparkling wine that you have stashed away for a special occasion. Heck, it’s Wednesday night and you have gotten through half the working week - we can celebrate that!

You will need:

120ml orange juice

120ml champagne/sparkling wine 


Since it is cocktail hour at home, break out your flute glasses or wine glasses and chill them before making your cocktail. Next, simply combine the liquids for a tasty post-dinner tipple! If you are feeling fancy, you can also add a little orange liqueur for a stronger citrus flavour.

3. Sombrero

Swap out your post-dinner bubble tea routine with a sweet and smooth cocktail like the Sombrero. You have been warned - you’ll definitely want seconds after your first taste. With it being such a short recipe, you can easily make multiple glasses at a go.

You will need:

60ml Kahlua

60 to 90ml milk 


Fill an old fashioned glass with ice and pour the coffee liqueur first. Top off the glass with milk then serve and enjoy. If you prefer a thicker drink, you can easily switch out the milk with cream or a mix of both. Vanilla-flavoured milk can be a great option if you are dying to satisfy your sweet tooth after a heavy dinner.

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