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Top 5 tips for Singaporean pick and choose their Online alcohol delivery store.

Here are the top 5 tips and in depth review on Singapore top online alcohol delivery store. How to choose from and which store is good and bad. 


After the COVID-19 lockdown, Singaporeans have turned to online stores to fulfill their alcohol needs, delivered straight to their doorsteps. Over the past few years, several top online alcohol stores have been established. Names such as JARBARLAR, PANECO, CELLARBRATION, ALCOHOL DELIVERY, PRIME LIQUOR, and LE VIGNE have become prominent in meeting the growing demand.

Here is a list of criteria based on which I evaluate and select an alcohol store to deliver my products:


  1. Reviews: I consider the feedback and reviews from other customers to gauge the store's reputation and service quality
  1. Delivery Timing/MOQ for Free Delivery: Timely delivery and reasonable Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for free delivery are crucial factors in my decision-making process.
  2. Selection of Alcohol: The variety and quality of the alcohol available play a significant role in my choice of a store.
  3. Services: I assess the overall customer services provided by the store, including responsiveness, support, and order tracking.
  1. Prices: While being a price-conscious Singaporean, I prioritize fair pricing over excessively cheap options. I want to avoid the risk of cheap alcohol that may never arrive or turn out to be counterfeit.

In summary, these criteria help me make an informed decision, ensuring a balance between cost-effectiveness and reliability in my choice of an alcohol delivery service."

Section 2: In-Depth Review of Each Store


  • Wide selection, from beer to wine.
  • Fast delivery/ express delivery as well, price is on the competitive side
  • Friendly customer service that always do next level customer service


  • Wide range of product, Membership benefits
  • Express delivery available, several complains about the delivery timing but overall its still a minor factor compare to the plus side they are offering


  • it has been in the scene for quite sometime. there is retail shop as well
  • Have festive period item, If you are new to online purchase check out their store but pricing is also on the higher side, Customer service is harder to reach as well because of the large volume


  • Wide range of product, there is gifting options provide a more premium feel
  • Deliver till midnight but price is slightly on the high side. 


  • Impressive collection, Sell almost everything from glass to Wine
  • Lacking the common product brands that Singaporean always go for or beer


  • Wide selection, Open almost 24/7, offer even chill beers
  • prices is on the high side, but if you need anything last minute check out here


Always take note of new online shop that came out recently that offer ridiculous prices. Always do your research before buying. Happy drinking!


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